So, the Picture Rule is a rule which allows Narrators to award their Players with bonus dice for their creativity and imagination. So, that means that Players which participate to the point of being proactive, find it easier to succeed in tasks in Awaken.

Of course, you shouldn’t try to achieve this by explaining, over analyzing and describing every single detail of your Character’s behavior, after all, we’re all here to have fun and the time is short.

But those who find creative solution, describe exciting scenes and dynamic action and find themselves narrating as an extra narrator are awarded with one to three dice.

Bonus rewards are great by themselves, but if they’re used to spark the creativity and stimulate role playing among Players, they’re taken to a whole new level. So you can see we’re excited about this rule, and why we’ve decided to incorporate it as a crucial rule in Awaken.

In short, it’s a glue between Narration, role playing and mechanics, giving a whole new dimension to role playing experience. And since we’re talking about the bonus dice and dice, here is the final design of a dice Q-workshop will be making! More info soon!