Hello everybody!

With the exception of the backer surveys, we haven’t been informing you too much of what’s been going around, and we’re going to fix this, from now on.

It’s a little bit tough to be a small team and working on something this ambitious, so we’ve been swamped with the sheer workload behind everything.

Of course, we had everything on paper where the facts looked allright and manageable, but when we started crossing out the items from the list, it happened that further we were on the list, longer the downtime between actually finishing the items was.

But not to worry, everything is going well, and most of the extra art and writing we had in mind is finished.

The book is going on the editing soon, then on the layouting. The print and fulfillment agencies come afterwards, and then your imagination is the limit after you receive your package!

Starting with the next blog entry, we’re going to explore the world further and report you with the phases we’re in at the time!

Stay tuned!